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Service & Support

  • In-home installation within 5 working days after payment of deposit

  • Installation is included in the price of our system

  • Customer is responsible for technician transport  cost

  • Contact us during business hours 0777455266 if you have questions about your system or face trouble with it and talk directly to a customer service agent

  • Expect a Village Power Service Technician to visit your home within  72 hours in case your issue cannot be resolved

  • This service is free within the warranty period

  • 2 years for the entire system (including battery)

  • 10 years for the solar panel

  • 25 years for the solar panel power output (80%)

* System Owners are responsible for keeping the system clean and protected and for not tampering with the system. Tampering will lead to the voiding of all warrantees.



  • We are committed to limiting our impact on the environment.

  • We seek to take back all components of Village Power Solar Home Systems at the end of their useful life to recycle the components.

  • We also seek to minimize the packaging associated with the delivery and maintenance of the Solar Home Systems.


Trouble shooting



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