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What we are writing
What we are writing...

Village Power scaling rural electrification in Uganda (Decentralised Electrification and Development, FACTS Report Special Issue 15, 2016)

The Village Power team recounts our experience with one of our initial projects in Uganda. Through "Light Lwengo" Village Power achieved the sale and installation of 1,999 solar home systems in Uganda's Lwengo district, illuminating the lives of nearly 11,000 people.

What we are reading
what we are reading...

Green Energy for a Billion Poor (Nancy Wimmer, 2012)

The Village Power team gives this book five stars. The book details the success of Grameen Shakti, sister organisation to Noble Prize winning Grameen Bank, in delivering the benefits of electricity to 5 million people in Bangladesh.

Developing Effective Off-Grid Lighting Policy for Africa (GOGLA, 2015)

This report outlines ways in which policy can stimulate growth and penetration of off-grid lighting products in African markets.

Investment and Finance Study for Off-Grid Lighting (GOGLA, 2014)

Limited access to capital, especially for distribution companies, is a barrier to the off-grid industry's growth. This study examines issues and opportunities in financing the off-grid lighting sector and outlines solutions and new ideas to facilitate capital flows into the sector.

Did you Know? (GOGLA)

This fact sheet is a good introduction to the issue of energy poverty and the potential of off-grid solar power technologies to provide safe, environmentally sustainable, and economically viable options to providing universal access to electricity.

The Off-Grid Lighting Market in Sub-Saharan Africa (IFC, 2011)

This reports highlights the need for manufacturers to focus on delivering quality, reliable, and modular solar-charged products targeted to satisfy the needs of end customers and traders at low cost. Financing alternatives are needed to increase access to products.

Best Practices for Clean Energy Access in Africa (ARE, 2014)

This report distills the best practices emerging from 20 case studies of businesses successfully providing energy and services to customers in rural Africa based on decentralised renewable energy technologies.

Rural Electrification With Renewable Energy (ARE)

The cost of expanding the grid to reach all rural population is too great. Electricity Home Systems or mini-grids are two viable options to expanding access to electricity. This report provides an overview to the technologies available, business models, and case studies of operating businesses.

Accelerating Off-Grid Renewable Energy - IOREC 2014 Key Findings and Recommendations (IRENA, 2014)

This report is a summary of the 2014 International Off-Grid Renewable Energy Conference. Nearly 60% of additional generating capacity required for universal electrification will need to be provided by off-grid solutions. Decentralised renewable energy technologies provide a clean, cost effective option in most rural areas. However, an enabling environment is needed in order to support the scale of growth required. This environment includes market-creating policies, enhanced access to financing, and capacity building in the policy, finance and entrepreneurial sector.

Renewable Energy Technologies for Rural Electrification. The Role and Position of the Private Sector (ARE)

This report highlights the successes of private sector investment in delivering energy to rural communities and in developing energy security. Continued and scaled private sector investment and local training on operation and maintenance is needed.

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