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December 4th 2018

Read the full interview on CHIMPREPORTS.COM and learn more about Village Power and their offerings for the season

Press release: Village Power Uganda welcomes new leadership of operations and sales teams and pushes forward to light up Uganda with local talent

December 1st 2018

Village Power Uganda (VPU) is proud to announce more Ugandan talent joining our leadership. In October, Ms Joanita Nyangoma joined as Head of Operations and Mr Patrick Katende joined as National Sales Manager. Our Operations leadership was further strengthened in October by Mr David Ndugwa, Village Power’s new Technical Specialist. All of the new team members share an excitement about the potential of solar to bring all Ugandans out of the dark.

Ms. Nyangoma brings her experience as Operations Coordinator at a pan-African oilfield service company to Village Power. 

Village Power will launch new product range in the first quarter of 2019

December 1st 2018

After three years in the market selling our ‘VP range’ consisting of 6 models, Village Power has empowered the lives of over 60,000 Ugandans whose homes, schools, and places of work are lit up by a Village Power solar home system. Thanks to a deeper understanding of the power needs of those 60,000 Ugandans, Village Power has recently completed a redesign of our Solar Home System and accessories ranges.


As a customer-centric organisation, the redesign was triggered by a better understanding of the needs of our customers and how their needs are evolving as they progress up the energy ladder. Village Power will launch larger TV sets and hair-clippers, and while Village Power is already known for our bright light bulbs, we will introduce even brighter bulbs.

Okaldyang Foundation and Village Power partnered together to improve access to electricity through catalysing the uptake of Solar Use in Loro Sub County, and Oyam District

December 1st 2018

As our focus on the Oyam District gains traction, we have now completed four community launches of our engagement with the Oyam Community. We have been in Omoloo Trading Center, Acaidebbe Trading Center, and Anotoocao village, Adigo Parish, over the last three Sundays and have empowered 75 People in those villages. We welcome these happy new customers to the Village Power family and are thrilled that we are already seeing them refer their own families to Village Powers to spread the light in Oyam. 

Village Power Uganda and Centenary partnering to expand access to solar power across Uganda

December 1st 2018

Village Power’s partnership with Centenary Bank has been in place since late 2016 and has borne fruit in expanding access to solar products to customers that need financing to make their purchase. 


The partnership provides customers purchasing a Village Power solar home system more choice in how they finance the purchase of their system and more options to find loan terms that best suit their situation. Village Power customers who choose to finance their purchase through a Centenary Bank loan have the added benefit of establishing a credit history with a bank, thereby expanding their access to financing for other investments. 

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