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Press Release: Village Power Uganda welcomes new leadership of Operations and Finance teams

Village Power Uganda is excited to announce the addition of two vibrant gentlemen to our leadership team. Mr. Simon Peter Tusiime joined as Head of Finance and Administration and Mr. Kondja Conrad joined as Head of Operations

Mr. Conrad studied environmental Engineering in Berlin and moved to East Africa seven years ago to work in the solar energy industry. He has helped set up solar-PAY-Go operations in a number of companies across East Africa in Ethiopia, Cameroon, Rwanda, Tanzania, Kenya, Zambia, and now Uganda. At Village Power, Mr. Conrad is responsible for the execution and strategy of all operational tasks. He ensures that our customers, and their Village Power experience, is at the center of what we do.

He says “my desire is to have affordable quality products, adapted to the customers’ needs in each specific market. This means keeping most of the value chain of the product within Uganda/Africa thereby enabling the local markets to compete with the international markets. I also want to make solar energy competitive with grid power.”

The Finance and Administration department is being strengthened by the experience of Mr. Tusiime who is a corporate finance, audit and advisory senior management executive with more than 10 years’ experience. He holds a BSc (Hons) Applied Accounting from the Oxford Brookes University in the UK. He is ACCA qualified and a Certified Public Accountant. Simon has extensive experience working in Uganda, Burundi, South Sudan and Rwanda, where he has conducted assignments in the core areas of corporate finance, strategy, accounting, audit, advisory and strategic planning in different organizations.

Mr. Tusiime is passionate about expanding access to solar in off-grid communities. He says “I am excited to work in a company that directly and positively impacts the lives of its customers and I would like to see many more Ugandans use clean renewable energy as a source of energy. I would like to see Village Power grow as a household brand for good quality value for money solutions, across all the districts of Uganda.”

He says he’s thrilled to come to work daily because, “Village Power is a dynamic place, with a young team of Ugandans, working all over Uganda to give our customers a rewarding experience. The delivery of solar solutions to last-mile customers is a complex business model that allows me to take my knowledge of corporate finance and audit and interact with a range of different departments and their processes from solar technical engineering, logistics, call center staff and sales teams. On a daily basis I am challenged and excited to support and build a brand, with a motivated and energetic team, that is proud to empower Ugandans with access to energy.”

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