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Village Power will launch new product range in the first quarter of 2019

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

December 1st 2018

After three years in the market selling our ‘VP range’ consisting of 6 models, Village Power has empowered the lives of over 60,000 Ugandans whose homes, schools, and places of work are lit up by a Village Power solar home system. Thanks to a deeper understanding of the power needs of those 60,000 Ugandans, Village Power has recently completed a redesign of our Solar Home System and accessories ranges.

As a customer-centric organisation, the redesign was triggered by a better understanding of the needs of our customers and how their needs are evolving as they progress up the energy ladder. Village Power will launch larger TV sets and hair-clippers, and while Village Power is already known for our bright light bulbs, we will introduce even brighter bulbs.

Village Power needs a flexible range that can be tweaked in response to specific project or customer segment needs. A continuing feature of the range will be a focus on the larger systems that can power large domestic appliances or small enterprises or institutions such as schools.

Village Power will launch our new range in the first quarter of 2019.

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